“Whether you’re a writer, an aspiring writer, or just someone who loves words and stories, I can tell you from personal experience that you’ll never have a better time at a writers’ conference than at the Literary Sala in San Miguel. There’s inspiration in the lecture halls, guidance in the workshops, magic in the streets, and hospitality everywhere.  If Dante had studied in San Miguel, he’d likely have written about heaven instead of hell.” Tom Robbins

“The San Miguel Writers’ Conference is one of the world’s most appealing literary gatherings.  Audiences are drawn by its well-chosen roster of writers, editors and publishers, not to mention the spectacular setting for the whole affair.” John Berendt, author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

“Set in the mountainous reaches of the Mexican desert, San Miguel de Allende is a city of colonial architecture, thermal hot springs, perpetual blossoms and perfect light. Out of this small, eclectic, unusual city arises a literary gem—the San Miguel Writers’ Festival. When I listened to the other writers speak, read, and muse, and when I gave my own writing workshop, I became immersed in a community of international writers, off-beat poets, and inspired thinkers, all of us there—in that dry and charged mountain air—to drink in the written word for all it was worth.” Laurie Gough, Author, Quebec, Canada

“Your creative genius delivers again!  Your selection of having Barbara Kingsolver for our Writers Conference and Literary Festival is superb. I remember specifically the thrill of experiencing the Tom Robbins event.  I invited several friends who were lucky enough to be in town  and we were all thrilled to see him in person let alone to know him better.  What food for the mind!  Profoundly wise and witty man. We felt like we were sitting in a coffee house in Greenwich Village among poets, writers, musicians;  you know, a salon gathering of creative minds that you never want the eveing to end.” Sra.  Loy Geddes, San Miguel de Allende

“San Miguel Literary Sala, which began bravely as the Author’s Sala a few years ago, has become an aesthetic force for good in this highly literate and sophisticated ex-pat Mexican community. Month after month, the Sala presents readings and literary explorations of extraordinary quality and substance. The work of the Sala, the brainchild of Susan Page, herself the accomplished of several best-selling books, is first-rate by any international standard.” Joseph Dispenza, accomplished author of God On Your Own: Finding a Spiritual Path Outside ReligionThe Way of the Traveler: Making Every Trip a Journey of Self-Discovery.

“At the time I  attended the San Miguel Writer’s Conference, Sandra Gulland was speaking of The Josephine Bonaparte Trilogy. By sharing her experience, I understood the procedure of my writing. I became immensely more patient. This was about four years ago. Now I have a Trilogy on my own. I appreciate very much knowing her, and her personal advice to me about “keep on going”.  Yolanda Lacarieri

“The literary events sponsored by the Authors Sala never fail to stimulate, educate, and inspire.  The friendliness of the organizers and the diversity of the people who regularly attend and participate is an added bonus.  These programs bring a richness to San Miguel cultural life that are not to be missed.”  Robert Martino, Fort Collins, Colorado

“In February 2008 I attended the San Miguel Writers´ Conference. I saw the program in the Internet and it attracted my attention. I thought that there I would find useful information about how to publish my short stories in the US. and I was surprised and delighted. Another very important and personal part of the Conference for me was that I went back home highly motivated to keep on writing more and more short stories. I also attended the 2009 Conference and this time I enjoyed it even more. At present I have plans to be there in February 2010 because I know that there will be, as in the past two occasions, important things to know, learn and understand.” Sincerely yours, Javier Morales

“The Speakers at San Miguel Literary Sala are always sensational.  They are provacative, current writers who connect with their audience. Last winter Todd Gitlin, a political scientist and writer, discussed some the battles Obama would be facing and prepared us for the controversies that are raging now. The informality, the excellence of the speakerss and the follow-up question and answer sessions make all the talks exciting.” Viviennne Levenson

“The San Miguel Literary Sala has proven itself to be an important cultural addition to San Miguel de Allende. It provides a bilingual venue for local and international authors, living and/or traveling in Mexico, and consistently fulfills its mission to enliven and enlighten the literary experience of our community. Thank you!” Kirsten Dehner

“I wouldn’t miss the San Miguel Writers’ Conference and Literary Festival for the world! It’s invariably both inspiring and instructive.” Sandra Gulland, internationally bestselling author of the Josephine B. Trilogy and Mistress of the Sun

“The San Miguel de Allende Writers’ Conference is not just an event that happens in February in this gorgeous historic hill town of central Mexico. It is a world-class experience that activates the mind, opens the heart, and nourishes the soul. Each year I come away refreshed and inspired by the enormous gathering of talent – remembering why I love to write. And why I must.” Stephanie Bennett Vogt Author of Your Spacious Self: Clear Your Clutter and Discover Who You Are, and founder of SpaceClear, a consulting and teaching practice based in Concord, Massachusetts

“I met a woman who was doing a workshop for the Literary Festival the first February I was in San Miguel and decided to check it out. That year I only went to the luncheon. John Berendt, author of one my favorites books from the early 90s, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, was the keynote. I hadn’t expected to find an English speaking literary community in the middle of Mexico and wanted to get involved. Thanks to this community I’ve heard and taken workshops with an impressive list of writers.” Cynthia Simmons

“The San Miguel Literary Sala has reinvented literary life here. I read from my memoir of literary NYC in the 1950´s and 1960´s. Sleeping with Bad Boys and will read from my republished 2nd nonel,  ¨AMO,¨ on 7/8/2010. We writers adore the clever imaginative literary sala and the enthustiastic audiences, and the opportunity to learn. ” Alice Denham Greenwich Village & San Miguel

“The San Miguel Writers’ Conference is a perfect sentence.  A masterpiece.  Every event a literary explosion.  The friendliness and availability of the staff and presenters puts it over the top.  Wonderful!  I couldn’t get enough, and there is plenty to get.  It’s worth the trip.  Don’t miss it.” Garr Kuhl Board member, Northwest Institute of Literary Arts (MFA program) Whidbey Island, Washington

“One of the pleasures of living in San Miguel de Allende is attending the monthly author’s Salas and the February Writer’s Conferences. The caliber of the presenting authors is outstanding and the opportunity to learn, share, and talk with them is amazing. At the writer’s conferences, authors share their experience of starting to write, completing a book and something about the process of getting it out into the world. Sena Jeter Naslund who wrote “Ahab’s Wife” was one writer who moved me with both her writing and her story about writing. It was a treat to be able to talk one on one with her at the event.” Judith Jenya, San Miguel de Allende

“The Literary Sala exists to enrich your literary life, be it as a fan of literature or as a writer. After a career in book publishing, I moved to San Miguel where I found this community of book lovers rolling out the bienvenido mat as I began to write there. The first time I read aloud in public was at an Author’s Sala event. The anthology Solamente in San Miguel includes my first short story. The San Miguel Literary Society is my steadfast, codependent enabler as I shift from workaholic editor to obsessive observer and writer.” Vicki Gundrum, peripatetic, often in San Francisco and San Miguel

“I have absolutely loved, learned and enjoyed the 3 conferences I have been able to attend. Anyone wanting to know more about becoming an author or improving their writing skills could not possibly miss the 2010 conference. I for one plan on attending this one.” Margaret Howard

“Friends:  Over the years we have benefited from and enjoyed attending lectures by authors who live in or visit San Miguel.  Sometimes they are well known, like Joe Persico, and when someone in our group discusses FDR as one did just two nights ago, we can joyfully recollect some tidbit or insight culled from Persico’s lectures.  Sometimes the authors are less known (so far).  Their shared insights about their writing processes and personal experiences create whole new dimensions of understanding.  We honestly have learned so much that enhances our reading and understanding about the creative process of writing. Thank you so much!”  Eleanor and Burt Jaffe

“As a writer, teacher, and part-time resident of San Miguel de Allende, I was thrilled to attend the 2008 Writers Conference featuring one of my literary heroes, Tom Robbins. He has shaped my experience of language, and this conference was designed in a way to provide both intimate time in a small workshop and a great listening experience in the community talk. Having been featured at the Author’s Sala, I know, first-hand, the stellar work of this organization. Glad to be a member receiving the newsletter as I teach at a small university in Kerrville, Texas.” Kathleen Hudson  

“The San Miguel Literary Sala programs have been a constant source of intellectual stimulation and inspiration for the San Miguel community. They have become an integral part of our cultural experience and always meet our high expectations. We thank all of the people involved for bringing us these wonderful programs.” Adrienne an Arnie Brookstone

“The Authors’ Sala, the precursor of the San Miguel Literary Sala, began with amazingly wonderful presentations and the enthusiastic support of the literary community a few years ago. The readings have grown since then, as authors traveled here from abroad with the purpose of presenting to the large, sometimes overflow audiences. I can honestly say, in attending the many, many events over the ensuing years (including the Writers’ Conferences), that I always learned something I could not have learned any other way. The San Miguel Literary Sala has enriched my life and that of hundreds, if not thousands, of others. In particular I recall one lecture/reading by Sena Naslund, on the publication of her novel Abundance, with a standing-room crowd that listened with hushed appreciation as Ms. Naslund spoke for more than an hour, without notes, holding us all spellbound.  I still cherish the memory.” Sincerely, Heather Hanley Letter to the Editor of Atencion,

“The Summer Literary Festival with the author, Tom Robbins, and his editor, Alan Rinzler on August 19-22, 2008 in San Miguel was beyond words. If I had to pick a few though, I would say it was fulfilling, inspiring, and magical. I flew in from Tulum, Mexico in the state of Quintana Roo to take part in the event and I will certainly be back for upcoming events. Susan Page and her thoughtful, talented group of Literary Society volunteers went way out of their way to make the festival flow seamlessly and be full of surprises for us. Every detail was considered: from the first email communications to the final book signing event. In their keynote talks and workshops, Tom and Alan revealed truths to us, and the sentences simply flowed from their enlightened souls. The talks were interlaced with many treats: a delicious welcome reception meal, coffee in the country side, book and movie discussions, and spontaneous serenades by local artists. It was beyond my expectations. I felt as if I were taking part in a historical event, and at the same time an event that was beyond time and space. I want to thank all the volunteers for giving their time and energy, and to my fellow attendees for sharing their unique gifts. Most of all I will remember the kindness and connectedness I felt in the presence of Tom Robbins. His words go beyond words. Sincerely, Stephanie Pappas, Teacher and Author of Yoga Posture Adjustments

“When the San Miguel Literary Sala announced in 2006 that Beverly Donofrio would offer a week-long workshop on writing the memoir, I signed on. I had been thinking about memoir writing but needed to get started. That workshop hooked me. I started writing. I took the next memoir workshop given by Laura Fraser in 2007. Both sparked my interest and led to renewed commitment to the project. In December of 2007, however, I had a serious back operation, and it took all of 2008 to get back on my feet. Writing suffered. I needed something to get me started again. A writer-friend from Taos, NM, Susan Swab, suggested that in February we take together the poetry workshop, given by Judyth Hill. She knew Judyth from Santa Fe and said she would get our creative juices flowing again. She certainly did! I discovered what a joy it is for me to share my life experiences in poetry. I am devoting all my time now to writing in poetic form and am in love with what I am doing!” Peggy Purcell Dowling, San Miguel de Allende

“The Tom Robbins 2008 summer Literary Festival was a blast. Robbins’ talks and workshops were carefully prepared and wittily delivered, despite the fact that he was seriously under the weather. The capper was a festive gathering in the countryside, where Michael Sudheer (among many other talents, an actor and singer), in character as Switters, the mysteriously disabled protagonist of Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates (the featured book of the conference), was propelled into the center of the gathering in a wheelchair by Susan Page (Literary Sala Founder and President) in her role up as a nun at the desert cloister where Switters holes up on his journey. At which point Sudheer proceeded to sing the roster of Broadway show tunes that were Switter’s secret vice and comfort. This crowd knows how to have fun!” Tom Robbins Festival Attendee

“In 2008 I attended the Author’s Sala Writers Conference and participated in Bill Pearlman’s Workshop in Transcendental Poetry.  His extensive knowledge of Rilke, Whitman and Rumi was impressive as well as his ability to link the poetry to deep psychological insight. I was encouraged during the following months to submit some poems and they were accepted for publication by Nimrod.  In May of this year, I was invited to read at the Work in Progress Evening for my first public reading in Mexico.  I am glad to report my poetry was well received. What else could a poet want? Through Sala I got to meet fellow writers, mentors, I got published, I gave a public reading and, more importantly, I have been inspired to write more!” Patricia Campuzano

“There are many wonderful things in San Miguel de Allende…but one of the finest is our Literary Sala. It is always an inspiration, a wake-up to new ideas, a raising of consciousness that can’t be avoided, if one just shows up. I read many, many authors, and Barbara Kingsolver is at the top of my list of favorites. Hers are the only books I can read over and over again. How incredible that she will being our midst!” Elsmarie Norby

“The Sala-sponsored “Works in Progress” events radiate literary energy, benefiting local writers like me, and delighting a receptive audience.” Rochelle Cashdan

“As both a workshop leader and an audience observer at the ’09 conference, I found the keynote speakers to be the highpoint of the conference. What a pleasure–by turns witty, thoughtful, and at times even profound! The prospect of hearing Barbara Kingsolver as the principal keynote speaker at the 2010 conference is the best news yet!” Fred Hills, former Editor-in-Chief, General Books Division, McGraw Hill Book Co., andVice President/Senor Editor, Simon & Schuster”.

“For a week the Writers’ Conference had me floating on words.  Terry Hill the editor from New York said the title for my manuscript had been used more than once and suggested I come up with another one. I worked and worked and searched every day for a new one and by the end of the workshop my title had changed from “Digging Out: a Memoir of Overcoming Shyness” to “Brave: a Memoir of Overcoming Shyness.”  I love the new one. Thank you Terry and Conference for the inspiration! Susan and Jody, you two go all out for writers.” Helen Rivas-Rose, San Miguel de Allende and Kennebunk, Maine

“I have been enormously moved by the enjoyable presentations of the San Miguel Authors Sala. Not only are the writers well-prepared, their talks are interesting and often emotional. Several years ago at the Writers’ Conference, Sena Jeter Naslund made one of the most remarkable talks I have ever heard. It was a moving experience.” Wayne Greenhaw Montgomery, Alabama San Miguel de Allende

“I was excited to find out Tom Robbins was coming to town via the “authors sala” and I was amazed at the program of events that were organized around this event. Alan Rinzler came with him! All of us writers loved them being here and they had a grand time as well.” Michael Grais  San Miguel de Allende: