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42 Concurrent Workshop Options: find your interest or explore something new during the daily 90-minute workshop line-up.

All Concurrent Workshops are INCLUDED in all Conference Packages.

Please select your six concurrent workshops when you register, using the drop-down menu choices on the registration page. They are grouped by the Session dates and times.

Tickets for a single Concurrent Workshop will be available after February 9, 2012, only if the workshop has not been filled by full-Conference participants. Single Concurrent Workshop tickets will be available in the courtyard of the Biblioteca, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 to 2.  Single Concurrent Workshop tickets are not available online.

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Session #1 – Thursday, February 16 – 3:15 PM

Track and Number TOPIC


101 – Fiction

Writing the Novel You Can Write Rosalind Brackenbury

102 – Non Fiction

The Art of Writing the Personal Essay and the Feature Article Teresa Nicholas

103 – Special Topics

How To Use a Blog To Build a Platform for Your Writing Bill Belew                                                                

104 – Special Topics


Elements of Voice: How Teen Characters Announce Themselves on the Page Franny Billinsgley                                               

105 – Special Topics

Structuring the Memoir Rick Skwiot                                           

106 — Publishing and Marketing

Does Your Non-Fiction Book Meet the Essential 5 C’s for Success? Sam Horn

107- (español)

Poesía: Erotismo Fantástico Yolanda Lacarieri

108 – The Pleasures of Reading

Reading Like a Writer! Mary Katherine Wainwright


Session #2 – Friday, February 17 – 11:00 AM

Track and Number TOPIC


201 – Fiction

The Deep Zoo – The Rich Powers of the Imagination Rikki Ducornet                        

202 – Non-Fiction

Wrestling With the Gift Graeme Gibson 

203 – Special Topics

Choosing the Best Genre for your Personal Story: Fiction or Nonfiction Susan Sutliff Brown

204 – (español)

La lengua y el cascabel   Victor Sahuatoba

205 – Special Topics

So You Think Your Life’s A Movie And Other Guilty Pleasures: Screenwriting Linda Bergman                            

206 — Publishing and Marketing

What You Need to Know to Get Published by the Big Boys Panel of Leading Literary Agents

207 – (español)

Writing the Short Story Araceli Ardón

208 – The Pleasures of Reading

Emile Zola:
The Truth is Marching On
Beá Aaronson  


Session #3 – Friday, February 17 – 3:15 PM

Track and Number TOPIC


 301 – Fiction Everything You Need to Know About Creating Great Fiction in 90 Minutes or Less 
Susan Sutliff Brown

302 – Non-Fiction

Creative Non-Fiction: Writing Character Wayne Grady

303 – Special Topics

Vital Lies: How Much Can You Invent in Creative Nonfiction? Kristen Iversen                                                                     

304 – Special Topics

It is a Delicious Thing to Write:
Poetry Workshop
Jennifer Clement

305 – Special Topics

Introduction to Travel Writing Laurie Gough

306 — Publishing and Marketing

Ninja Marketing for Writers: Create Your Own Video Book Trailer Kate Fowler

307 – (español)

¿Quien Estu Musa? Silvia Elguea

308 – The Pleasures of Reading

The Legacy of George Sand: Love and Freedom Rosalind Brackenbury


Session #4 – Saturday, February 18 – 11:00 AM

Track and Number TOPIC


401 – Fiction

The Heart of Story: Writing Scenes Eva Hunter 

402 – Non-Fiction

The Art of Non-Fiction Gerald Helferich                                                       

403 – Special Topics

Béa’s Beyond BoundariesWeird & Wonderful Writing Workshop Beá Aaronson 

404 – Special Topics

Creative Writing for the Contemporary Artist Carmen Rioja

405 – Special Topics

Writing Comedy Scotty Watson

406 — Publishing and Marketing

Thinking Like a Publisher: Advice for Writers Seeking Publication Jayne Navarre

407 – Poesía (español)

 LA MARIPOSA Y EL ESPEJO Jorge Fernandez Granados

408 – The Pleasures of Reading

Dancing In…Drinking in…Drenched In…Poetry!  Judyth Hill


Session #5 – Saturday, February 18 – 3:15 PM

Track and Number TOPIC


501 – Fiction

Techniques of Fiction:
A Supersonic Overview
C.M. Mayo

502 – Non-Fiction

Translation Claire Joysmith                 

503 – Special Topics

Five Secrets to Writing About Things That You Don’t Remember Laura Davis         

504 – Special Topics

the Dharma of Poetry
Judyth Hill

505 – Special Topics

So You Want to Access Your Inner Humorist Ruth Yunker        

506  – Publishing & Marketing

Internet Book Promotion for Luddites

Sandra Gulland

507 – (español)

Poéticas Generadoras: letras vivas para crear Claudia Posadas  

508 – The Pleasures of Reading

A Writer’s Journey To A Book: Writing The Monstrous Rikki Ducornet


Session #6 – Sunday, February 19 – 11:00 AM

Track and Number TOPIC


601 – Fiction

Time for Crime Carole Bugge

602 – Poetry

The Down and Dirty Guide to Free Verse Forms Shelley Puhak

603 – Special Topics

Travel Writing in the Digital Age Anne Dimon   

604 – Special Topics

The Shame Prom: Where Everyone is Invited to Dance Amy Ferris  & Hollye Dexter

605 – Special Topics


Give My Monster Life: Writing with All Five Senses Sarah Stonich 

606 — Publishing and Marketing

Self Publishing Success

Aysha Griffin

607 – (español)

Un montón de piedras: puro cuento Jorge F. Hernández

608 – The Pleasures of Reading

Great Lakes: An Omen for the Lakes of the World – and Our Planet Wayne Grady