Visitor Tips

What to bring?

Famous for a temperate climate, San Miguel de Allende can be both very warm during the day, and quite chilly in the evening and early morning during February. Attire is anything from tuxedo to casual – but do keep the cultural standards in mind for public strolling and church visiting.

Have you ever walked on cobblestones? Sturdy shoes and secure sandals are a must! You will see high heels (on the young and fit), but beware . . . they are not recommended for the hills and narrow sidewalks of San Miguel.

If you travel with medications, and may need to re-fill them, bring your prescriptions – there are several excellent pharmacies at your service.

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Below is your common sense refresher course for your visit to San Miguel – or any other tourist destination in the world.

  • Drive during daylight hours only on highways and between cities.
  • Carry sensible amounts of cash – or if you need a lot of cash to enjoy yourself, or for a particular reason, carry it in two or three smaller amounts in different places.
  • Leave unneeded credit cards, debit cards, and cash in a safe place – like a safe in your hotel room.
  • Be choosy about ATM machines – find one at a bank (there are several large international options in SMA).
  • Carry a small purse with sturdy straps and a zippered closure. Carry your wallet in the front pocket of your trousers.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and the people around you – cobblestones can be tricky and thieves know that an alert person is not a good target.
  • Call a cab and be with friends for late nights on the town – try to remember you’re not really at Disneyland!
  • Make copies of your passport and carry the copy with you.  Leave the original in a safe place.
  • Stay awake! It is your responsibility to watch your own belonging – not the busy staff of a café or restaurant.
  • Leave the Bling (expensive, irreplaceable jewelry and watches, etc.) at home.
  • Make the effort to kick your street drug habits so you won’t be tempted to buy them in SMA.
  • Always designate a sober escort in your group – drunks are easy prey anywhere.
  • In general use your common sense.  San Miguel is a safe place, but there are still a number of tourists who forget they’re guests in an unfamiliar culture. Make an effort of respect toward the wonderful local people – including service staff – and pay attention to nuance in any situation (just like you’d do at home).