Monarch Butterfly Excursion


Monarch Butterfly Reserve Eco-Tour Michoacan, Mexico, with Audubon de Mexico and Travelian Eco-Tours. Special Tour Dates Arranged for San Miguel Writers’ Conference Attendees:
February 27-28, 2012
March 7-8, 2012

February 23 – 24, 2012 (This tour is filled!)


Each year millions of Monarch butterflies make an extraordinary journey from Canada and the United States, traveling more than 2000 harrowing miles to winter in the highland pine forests of Central Mexico.

This Audubon eco-adventure takes you and a small group of travelers to the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve Sanctuary, located in Michoacan State, just four and half hours travel time from San Miguel de Allende.  The Michoacan sanctuary hosts hundreds of thousands of Monarch each winter and is the perfect location for witnessing and sharing a truly amazing encounter with nature -  the spectacular congregation of butterflies and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.  During the tour you will learn about the migration of these incredible delicate, yet resilient “flowers in flight” as well as the efforts of local landowners to keep the area pristine and ecologically healthy through sustainable tourism practices.

Round trip transportation and meals are included as well as an overnight stay in a hot springs hotel. For a complete itinerary and detailed information please visit: