Bill Belew

90-Minute Workshop. Session #1: Thursday, February 16 — 3:15 PM

How To Use A Blog To Build A Platform For Your Writing

 Participants in this workshop will learn

  1. Why a blog is now an essential tool for every writer
  2. The potential exposure a blog can give to a writer
  3. The key elements of a quality blog
  4. What a writer must bring to the table to be a good blogger
  5. What information publishers and agents can expect the writer/blogger to provide

Blogging San Miguel Writers Conference
Bill Belew
has taken more than a dozen different topics to well over 1,000,000 unique visitors EACH. He not only has done it, he knows how he did it and can teach you what it takes to do it as well. Bill holds two degrees, a PhD in Education and an MFA in Creative Writing. He did NOT dress the King.


“I met Bill in 2007. We were both living our dream of getting food on our tables through writing. He was doing it exceptionally great and I had a lot to learn from him. That’s because he knows a lot about driving traffic to a website, be it an already established website or a new one. In all honesty, Bill knows stuff!” Alex I. –  Bucharest, Romania

“The presentation was fabulous. Bill was engaging, interesting and passionate. I learned a ton and look forward to hearing more.” Vickie M., Monterey, CA

“Let’s just say that after attending two lectures from Bill Belew, this one for the second time (I lost my notes from the first one), I am now a die hard Bill Belew groupie!!! When Bill Belew speaks, I take good notes, and I suggest you do too!” Kevin C., Saratoga, CA

“All the content was great! Very well organized and helpful. Really got my creative juices flowing.” Anita C., Campbell, CA

“I really believe in Bill’s technique. First of all, they make sense. Second of all, he shows us the proof–the record of hits and page views from his web hosting service. Third, what he proposes is not easy to do. It is simple, but not easy, and that is almost always the case with good advice!” Preeva S.  - Mountain View, CA